Monday, December 12, 2016

Ayurvedic Herbs: A Clinical Guide to the Healing Plants of Traditional Indian Medicine E-Book

Read your free e-book: single-source reference on the most important and best-investigated Ayurvedic herbs This book examines the clinical information available on more than 60 Ayurvedic herbs to determine how their use in traditional Indian medicine is supported by modern scientific study. Plants are grouped according to body systems and each entry includes a description, information on the source plant, distribution and traditional use, active chemical constituents, relevant pharmacology, and details of clinical studies and safety findings. This unique book also includes a brief history of Ayurveda, examines the history of drug development and evaluation in ancient India, and identifies current trends resulting from scientific investigation. Worldwide interest in Ayurveda is growing quickly, especially in the United States, Europe, and Japan. But until now, information on Western-style clinical trials on Ayurveda herbs has been scattered and no single source for descriptions, comments, and references has existed. Ayurvedic Herbs presents the first critical validation of Ayurvedic medicine, extensively referenced for physicians and clinicians interested in alternative and adjunctive therapies. This unique book is essential for making informed choices on herb use, offering clinical trial data, results of pharmacological studies, and safety information.ayurvedic Herbs examines: gastrointestinal agents hepatoprotective agents respiratory tract agents cardiovascular drugs urinary tract drugs antirheumatic agents skin and trauma care agents gynecological agents antidiabetic agents Cns agents rasayana drugs dental and ophthamological agents and much moreayurvedic Herbs includes cross-references to chapters when a particular plant has more than one indication and watercolor illustrations of twelve major herbs.

Ayurveda is a Sanskrit term that actually equates as "the knowledge of life" or "the understanding of durability". The sensible seers and sages of the time, intuitively comprehending the physiology and operations of the mind-body-spirit long prior to the intros of modern-day medication, described the standard concepts of Ayurveda.

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